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Google+ Hangouts - Office Hours - 24 May 2013

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Q1: What is the best way to use a vanity URL | Show Video

A: 301 redirect is the way to go

My Thoughts: It tells Google you want to use this URL but you want the other one indexed.

Q3: Can a competitor 301 redirect a site to mine and penelise it? | Show Video

A: John says they work hard to prevent it and you should not worry about that

My Thoughts: So basically the answer is YES, but Google can spot these and correct teh issue. The best thing to do would be to open a thread in the Google forum if this happens to you.

Q4: How do you know what penalty you have? | Show Video

A: If it is a manual penalty you will see a message in Webmaster Tools, if it is algorithmic you will not be notified.

My Thoughts: Google is very bad at handling this issue, if you move your Webmaster Tools account the messages do not follow and if you clear your messages the only way to find out is to send a reconsideration request to see what response you get.

Q5: Does WMT links to your site also show disavowed links? | Show Video

A: Yes, disavowed links are treated as nofollow links and WMT Links to your site show both follow and nofollow

My Thoughts: Google still needs to address this area so that it is clear what links are dofollow and nofollow and what ones are already in your disavow file.

Q6: What is the best way to recover fron a penguin algorithmic penalty? | Show Video

A: Work to have bad links removed even if it was done by a competitor or use the disavow tool.

My Thoughts: John hints that using the disavow file will make it so those links will not eaffect the search results.

Q7: How influencial are Social Metrics for rankings? | Show Video

A: Google are still experimenting but it is not a primary ranking factor. Many social sites create links as well and any boost to your serps may be from that instead of the social metrics themselves

My Thoughts: John still hints at the idea that links are the primary ranking factor

Q8: Is there a a Duplicate content penalty? | Show Video

A: John says NO, Google does not have a duplicate content penalty.

My Thoughts: I think the question should be is there a devaluation for duplicate content rather than penalty. Google likes to make it clear that there are not many penalties but does not suggest wehn questions come up if there is a devaluation.

Q9: Are meta keywords used as a ranking factor? | Show Video

A: No Google does not use that at all for search

My Thoughts: Google may use it for search in a negative way, it may inform Google of terms you are trying to rank for.

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