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Google+ Hangouts - Office Hours - 12 April 2013

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Q1: Does the disavow tool have to be switched on by Google manually | Show Video

A: No, it is available to everyone all the time.

My Thoughts:

Q2: Are penguin updates run manually | Show Video

A: Yes, there are lots of tests before each update is manually run

My Thoughts: Here is a link to show you the Google Algorithm Change History, so you can see all new and previous updates.

Q3: How Can you recover from an algorithmic penalty | Show Video

A: John says it is not a penalty, it is a devaluation based on quality

My Thoughts: You need to fix all the problems then you may have to wait for the next update to reconsider all the changes you have made. Submitting a reconsideration request will be ignored for all algorithmic penalties.

Q4: Is every site recoverable no matter how bad the penalty? | Show Video

A: John says Yes, It may take a long time but you can recover.

My Thoughts: There is no mention of what happens if you are a repeat offender.

Q5: What can you do when a competitor uses blackhat techniques and ranks well | Show Video

A: You can use the spam report form or you can always contact John Mueller directly

My Thoughts: I have submitted many Spam reports before and these sites were doing really bad things and I never saw any results ever.

Q6: Does disavowing a link have a negative effect on that site | Show Video

A: John says No, at the moment that is not the case. So it could be soon...

My Thoughts: It is possible in the future if a site is made aware of a link that should be removed and they do not take action they could have issues. Like sites that charge for link removal.

Q7: Can acquiring links fix an algorithmic link penalty | Show Video

A: John says Yes, if your site becomes more popular and your good links far outweigh the bad ones then the algorithm will adjust.

My Thoughts:

Q8: Will very small sites with few backlinks but all spammy be penalized | Show Video

A: No, sites that very few people see are not a priority for Google and do not effect enough rankings to be problematic.

My Thoughts: This can be a problem for very niche sites, if done with multiple domains this can cause lots of traffic loss for some sites.

Q9: What is better links or content | Show Video

A: Both are of equal value, without good quality you will likely not get links.

My Thoughts:

Q10: How can I get good links to my site | Show Video

A: New businesses have to adverise sometimes, you can get in-touch with people to let them know about your business, you can talk to Journalists or authoritative sites.

My Thoughts:

Q11: How can I get pages indexed quicker for my site | Show Video

A: Using sitemaps, RSS feeds or Atom Feeds are a very quick way.

My Thoughts:

Q12: Is negative SEO possible | Show Video

A: John says Yes, but it is not something that happens very often.

My Thoughts: I have seen very successful negative SEO campaigns happen, so John is not seeing everything that is going on. Sites with large budgets have the means to cause lots of damage.

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