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Google+ Hangouts - Office Hours - 06 May 2013

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Q1: Can I use Google translate on my pages and get them indexed? | Show Video

A: NO that is machine translation and would be auto generated content this would result in a problem.

My Thoughts: The algorithm will detect this sort of content and probably put those pages down as low quality or spam, you may end up with a Panda devaluation.

Q2: Does Google use keywords in the url as a ranking factor? | Show Video

A: Yes but its not the main ranking factor

My Thoughts: This was not the exact question being asked but it does answer an important question.

Q3: Should I remove my disavow file once I am out of a penalty? | Show Video

A: NO, you should leave it there.

My Thoughts: It may be possible to get another manual penalty if you were to tell Google all those links you disavowed are OK and you want whatever is left to be dofollow again. NOT a good idea.

Q4: Do you read the notes and annotations in the disavow file? | Show Video

A: NO, it is just for your own reference.

My Thoughts: If you need to show your notes you should include a link to them from a publicly shared Google Docs file. If you have a business account using Google apps then you may have to get the person in charge of that to change the security settings so that you can share files publicly.

Q5: Can previous reconsideration requests be seen by the team or do we have to send everything all over again. | Show Video

A: Yes previous reconsideration requests can be looked at but you want to make it easy for the person reviewing the site to get all the information they need to know.

My Thoughts: After submitting multiple reconsideration requests that were very long it is important to know there is a character limit so it is best to refer only to the important parts and put as much detail in Google Docs instead if it is important.

Q7: Should I pay webmasters demanding payment for link removal? | Show Video

A: NO, Only if you really want them removed for business reasons.

My Thoughts: Including a Google Doc with details about this should be enough, so ignore anyone demanding payment.

Q8: Will sites be punished in the future for keeping links webmasters ask to have removed? | Show Video

A: This will not trigger it but that site may be effected by other issues as a result of keeping low quality content on their site.

My Thoughts: I personally think that Google will use data gathered in the disavow files later on to see who is mentioned the most and target those sites.

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