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Google+ Hangouts - Office Hours - 03 June 2013

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Q1: How can you encourage natural links for boring niches? | Show Video

A: John says you need to be creative, and you need content, this question goes on for 15 minutes!

My Thoughts: John really has very little in the way of answers for this topic. This is a problem and Google is unable to deal with it.

Q2: How relevant does content need to be? | Show Video

A: If it is related then that is OK, do not just use content from other sources.

My Thoughts: I have yet to see this really work, it seems like dropping keywords here and there is the only way unless other SEO factors like the links to your page are strong.

Q4: Should I have two disavow files if I am moving a site to a new domain? | Show Video

A: Yes use it on both domains to be safe. Submit the same disavow file.

My Thoughts: The disvow tool now alerts you to common mistakes made.

Q5: How long should you wait after submitting a disavow file to submit reconsideration request? | Show Video

A: In most cases you can do it at the same time.

My Thoughts: it takes time for the Reconsideration Request to be dealt with, so that time is sufficent for the diavow file to be processed. So submit it right away.

Q6: Can I just use the data in WMT to recover from a manual unnatural links penalty? | Show Video

A: John Yes you can focus on the links provided in WMT, you 100% definitely do not need third party tools but they can help make it easier.

My Thoughts: The real problem here is that it does not answer the REAL question. What webmasters want to know is if you only fix the issue using link data from WMT will you get out of the link issues you have that will recover your site. The answer to the question is actually NO in many cases as you will have an over optimised link profile and will need to fix that issue. Google only shows you a limited amount of links, for what reason we have no answer just yet. So you may still have problems with penguin and need to clean up all links found in sites like ahrefs and site explorer.

Q7: So the next question asks that specifically! Do you have to use third party tools to recover from an algorithmic penalty? | Show Video

A: YES if there are lots of problems it can add up and cause issues.

My Thoughts: So the answer is to use both WMT and third party tools otehrwise you may just get out of a manual penalty only to be in an over optimized penalty.

Q8: Does the .mobi domain give any advantage to mobile search results | Show Video

A: NO, its just a domain like any other

My Thoughts: Chances are a .com will actually rank better.

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