Reconsideration Requests
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Google+ Hangouts - Office Hours - 01 March 2013

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Q1: Will just deleting / disavowing links be enough to recover from a penalty? | Show Video

A: A Reconsideration Requests must be submitted for any manual penalty to be lifted.

My Thoughts: John Immediately says YES, then lets his co-worker Mariya Moeva answer saying that YES it is enough BUT you must also file a Reconsideration Requests for a Manual Penalty.

WARNING: Later on Mariya Moeva goes on to say in

Q2: Is the data in webmaster tools enough to work on? | Show Video


My Thoughts: John says "In most cases", not sure what he means by this? But in essence there should be no need for data from outside sources such as Ahrefs and Majestic SEO, evey link you are able to see in your Webmaster Tools Account should be sufficient. (Even though they admit to only showing you a limited amount of data)

Q4: Can the same request that has failed be passed by another member of staff | Show Video

A: John says YES

My Thoughts: It would seem that maybe some staff checking the reconsideration request / disavow are more lenient than others or take other things into account. This means there is NO strict rules per say on what is enough.

Q5: Does the information I put into the reconsideration request really matter | Show Video

A: Mariya says be sure to document everything in a very detailed way, "When people see the steps you have taken, that you really made an effort, That Makes a big difference"

My Thoughts: Again this goes against

Q6: How do you know if you have done everything correctly | Show Video

A: Download a copy of the links you have from Webmaster Tools Account and also download a copy of the disavow file that was submited. Then upload them as Google docs and share them on Webmaster Central, this will allow others to help you analyze what you have done.

My Thoughts:

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