Reconsideration Requests

About Me

My name is Gary Lee, I have been working on my own sites for a very long time and was recently caught up in the whole nonsence of Google penalties that caused so many issues that I struggled to keep a position in my company as I was told so much misinformation that lead to a penalty lasting over 2 years!

Why I created this site

I created this site so that nobody should ever have to jump through the ridiculous hoops and run around in circles like I had too.

This site is intended to be an extension of what Google offers in the way of help. It is to compliment their efforts and to highlight the many problems we are all facing that Google is doing a poor job in helping us with.

Guidelines and Q & A are the two things that Google documents very badly, so this website "Reconsideration Requests" is going to fill in those gaps!

I have helped a few people with the knowledge I have learned to recover from penalties, it is crazy what I have had to learn over the years!

I am available on my Google+ account and will be setting up a discussion area on this site as well very soon. | Copyright 2019